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Cris Velasco Goes Bigger And Bolder For 'Darksiders 3'


Cris Velasco loved composing the music for the original Darksiders, but he had limited time to finish the score. As he told me, he was really excited to be called back for the soundtrack for the much more ambitious Darksiders 3, which gave him more time to open the throttle creatively and write for a huge orchestra and chorus.

As the story of Darksiders 3 opens, the Seven Deadly Sins are wrecking the earth, and of all the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse, Fury is chosen to shut them down one by one. Cris says he was eager to revisit the idea of writing a symphony with each of the sins that he began in college.


Writing the music for Darksiders 3 also gave Cris the opportunity to work with some of his favorite artists: singer Azam Ali and world instrumentalist Loga Torkian, whose performances make the music sound unique.

Episode tracklist

All tracks by Cris Velasco, performed by the Capellen Orchestra and Choir, with Loga Torkian, additional instruments

Darksiders 3: The Horsemen; Fury's Theme (feat. Azam Ali, vocals); Pride; Sloth; The Submerged Realm; Come Play With Us; The Scar; Lust (feat. Laura Intravia, vocals); Wrath; Glutony; Why So Envious

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