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Catching Up With Wilbert Roget II At MAGFest


The Music and Gaming Festival, or MAGFest, is a four-day explosion of video game music! There are panels with composers and musicians, and LOTS of music making. I caught up with composer Wilbert Roget II to chat about the music he contributed to Destiny 2 Forsaken, and what makes MAGFest such a fun and meaningful experience.

One of the things Will loves about MAGFest is the chance to connect with other musicians. At last year's festival, he met up with fellow wind players, alto saxophonist Anton Corazza and Michael Gebhart, bassoon, to jam in a hotel room with an arrangement Will made of a cue from Cowboy Bebop!


Episode tracklist

Destiny 2 Forsaken: Watchtower, Accursed (Wilbert Roget II, Skye Lewin, Michael Salvatori)

Credit Richard Roberts
Kate and Wilbert Roget II at MAGFest

Cowboy Bebop: Dijurido (Yoko Kanno; arranged by Wilbert Roget II and performed by Anton "Dective Tuesday" Corazza, alto sax; Michael "Bassoonify" Gebhart, bassoon; and Wilbert Roget II, flute)

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Kate Remington joined WSHU in December of 2000, and she's been WSHU's Music Director since 2002.
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