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Wilbert Roget Lets His 'Inner Debussy' Loose In 'Anew: The Distant Light'


Wilbert Roget describes his music for Anew: The Distant Lightas a passion project. The game tells the story of a child shot into space to reach an alien moon twenty light years away, in the hope of finding a new home for humanity. The game is in development by Resonator Studios, and they've encouraged Will to create a soundtrack that references some of his favorite composers including Debussy, Stravinsky and Bartok to create his own uniquely distinctive sound.

Will says he's been enjoying writing the music for Anew using techniques he learned in college that he never thought he'd use again. Because there's no dialogue, the story relies on its gorgeous art and Will's music to tell the story.


You can follow Anew: The Distant Light's development progress on Facebook.

Episode Tracklist

All tracks by Wilbert Roget II

Anew: The Distant Light: Frozen Lake; The Mission; Landing

Midnight Shift (Original 48-hour Game Jam Soundtrack): Midnight Shift With Lennie Mots (feat. John Robert Matz, trumpets, Nick Toretta, alto & tenor sax, Doug Perry, drums & marimba)

Anew: The Distant Light: The Angel of Order; Take Off and Stasis; Lullaby (piano vers.), The Plains

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