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Jeff Ball Reimagines The Classics In 'Timespinner'

Timespinner, from Lunar Ray Studios, is a loving tribute to those classic games like Castlevania and Metroid, reimagined for modern players and computers. Jeff Ball created a gorgeous soundtrack that's also a tribute to those earlier composers including Nobuo Uematsu. He says it was an interesting, fun process to create the perfect music to fit the retro style of the game, in which you play as Lunais, a Time Messenger who's tasked with traveling back in time to save her community from an evil empire.

Jeff had a few years to dive in and do some reasearch into what made the music from that era unique, and he found a treasure trove of samples with the original sounds, which he incorporated into his music, and even included in his soundtrack!


In addition to his work as a composer, Jeff's also a gifted violinist, and is in high demand by other composers for their soundtracks. A recent project was the Moss soundtrack by Jason Graves, which featured Jeff's solos prominently.

Jeff's Timespinner soundtrack is available on Bandcamp.

Episode tracklist:

Jeff Ball: Timespinner

performed by Jeff Ball and featuring Krisin Naigus, winds, Cain German, guitars, and Christian Pacaud, bass

The Broken; Video Game Research: Theta; Kickstarter Trailer; Distant Recollections; Provisional Sanctuary; Ancient Forest; Defiance; Avian Capitalism; Quantum Insanity; Recounted History; Unnerving Gaze; Echoes of the Forgotten; Pioneer's Horizon; 

Jason Graves: Moss: Last Respite (feat. Kristin Naigus, oboe, english horn,  and Jeff Ball, violin)

Jeff Ball: Timespinner: No Matter the Cost

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