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Olivier Deriviere: No Black And White Choices In 'Vampyr'

DONTNOT Entertainment

It's 1918, and London is in the grip of a terrible outbreak of the Spanish Flu. Dr. Jonathan Reid is a battlefield medic, but he's also been turned into a vampire, in DONTNOD Entertainment's newest game, Vampyr.  Composer Olivier Deriviere told me that the story and compelling characters gave him plenty of emotional inspiration to explore the doctor's conflicting drives of wanting to heal patients, while needing blood to survive.

Once Olivier decided that the cello would be the perfect instrument to represent Jonathan Reid, he worked closely with cellist Eric Maria Couturier, who was able to get plenty of unnerving, almost human sounds from his instrument.


As you play through the game as Jonathan, you can talk with the characters you meet and learn about their stories, fears and desires. The more you find out about them, the more powerful you'll become if you drain their blood to increase your own health. Olivier and I talked about how this mirrors the complicated choices and ulterior motives of real life.

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Vampyr soundtrack cover

Olivier's soundtrack is available from Bandcamp, and many other music sources.

Episode tracklist

All tracks by Olivier Deriviere, featuring Eric Maria Couturier, cello, Emmanuelle Ophele, bass flute and Vox Futura, choir

Vampyr: Bridge to London; White Chapel District; Be Born Again; The Funerals; Insane Family; Another Land; The Struggle; The Thirst; The Lost Soul; Do You Fancy Me

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