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Kevin Penkin's Intimate, Conversational Soundtrack For 'Florence'


Remember the first time you fell in love? That's the experience, heartbreak and all, that Mountains Studio creates with Florence, which follows a young woman through her first grown-up love affair. Kevin Penkin created an intimate soundtrack of chamber music, with a piano representing Florence, and a cello for the voice of her lover, Krish, who is actually a cellist in the game.

Because there's no dialogue, Kevin told me it was wonderful to have the music play such a key role in creating the emotion of the game.

Playing Florence is a unique experience; it's more like following a graphic novel than a game. Its main creator, Ken Wong, was the lead designer for Monument Valley, another wordless game that also takes the player on an emotional journey.


Kevin rounded up some friends from his music conservatory days, as well as his former flute teacher to perform the soundtrack. He said hearing his music performed live by them was one of the best experiences ever.

Episode tracklist

All tracks by Kevin Penkin

Florence: Florence; First Dates; Music; Fight

Made in Abyss: Forest of the Abyss

Florence: Let Go; Adult Life; Routine; Wake Up, Move On

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