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Ryan Ike Weaves An American Tapestry In Songs

Where the Water Tastes Like Wineis described by its creators, Dim Bulb Studios, as "a bleak American folk tale." After losing a bet with a mysterious character (voiced by Sting), you criss cross the country in search of stories, which become a currency you trade with the interesting characters you meet on your travels. Composer Ryan Ike told me that the Depression-era setting, and the chance to create a soundtrack that's a patchwork of iconic American music was too good to pass up!

Although creating a snapshot of American music genres, including blues, jazz,  bluegrass, Native American and gospel, was daunting at first, Ryan was able to look to Woody Guthrie and some of his contemporaries for inspiration.


Ryan credits the incredible performers as the reason the soundtrack is so spectacular. He asked them to bring their own style and interpretation to the music, and even though few of them performed in the same studio at the same time, the result sounds like one big fun jam session.

Episode tracklist

All tracks written and produced by Ryan Ike

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine: Rail Hoppin'; Root and Rise; The Road Remembers; Heavy Hands; White Rider; Soul-Sucker Blues; Read 'em and Weep; Vagrant Song (Appalachia); Vagrant Song (Southwest); Vagrant Song (Midwest) instrumental version; Shining Isles of Ivory

Performers include Jillian Aversa, vocals; Akenya, vocals; Jeff Ball, violin; Joshua Du Chene, guitars, vocals; Kristin Naigus, reeds; John Robert Matz, brass; Videri String Quartet

Thanks to Dick Roberts for production assistance

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