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Lena Raine's Music Ascends A Mountain In 'Celeste'


Although it seems like a simple platform game at first, Celeste actually is a brutally difficult journey of self-discovery for Madeline, the main character, as she bravely faces challenges climbing the namesake mountain. Composer Lena Raine had her own set of difficult challenges writing a soundtrack for a game that turned out to be quite different than she expected.

Lena told me she drew on her personal experiences of dealing with depression and anxiety to give her music an authentic, heartfelt quality.


Writing the soundtrack for Celeste taught Lena things about what's going to be important for her going forward into upcoming projects, including being part of the development team from the beginning. And, as a result of Celeste's overwhelming success, Lena's very excited to be working with pianist Trevor Gomes to create an album of piano arrangements of the soundtrack!

Episode Tracklist

All tracks written and performed by Lena Raine

Celeste: First Steps; Resurrections; Awake; Anxiety; Madeline and Theo/Star Jump; Quiet and Falling; Spirit of Hospitality; Reach for the Summit; Exhale

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