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Music Respawn! Chance Thomas: Loving Every Minute In Middle Earth


It's been ten years sinceChance Thomas first brought Middle Earth to life with his music for Lord of the Rings Online! There's lots to celebrate: Chance has compiled his favorite tracks from LOTRO in a special album, and is in the process of creating music for the just-announced expansion, which takes us to Mordor. In our conversation, he explains that Tolkien's trilogy is still the primary source of his inspiration.

During the intervals between LOTRO expansions, Chance worked on many other projects, including scoring Faeria and DOTA 2, and writing aguide to composing music for games, but he was so happy when he got the invitation to return to Middle Earth and write the music for the Mordor expansion, because, as he said, "It gives me a chance to go back to my favorite playground!"


Episode tracklist

Chance Thomas: Lord of the Rings Online: LOTRO Legacy; The House of Tom Bombadil; Hills of the Shire; Learning to Ride; Rivendell; Theme of Rohan

Huun Huur Tu: The Yellow Trotter

Chance Thomas: Lord of the Rings Online: Grey Havens; Song of the Dwarves; Chant for Sauron; Shadows of the Argonath

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