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The Full Story: Check On Local Businesses

May 14, 2021
Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

Vaccination rates are climbing in Connecticut and New York. COVID-19 restrictions are easing up. And summer is approaching. These are good signs for many local business owners. They anticipate the summer of 2021 will be dramatically better than last year. This week on The Full Story we check on local businesses in our region to find out how they’re recovering from the COVID economy and if the pandemic may have transformed how they do business in the future. 

A conversation with guests:

C19: Long Island Business Is Hurting

Mar 12, 2021
Free-Photos / Pixabay

A new poll finds one in four CEOs on Long Island say their businesses won’t survive the pandemic. Building pressure for Governor Cuomo to resign, police reform plans in Suffolk County, and could Connecticut be returning back to normal life soon?