Judge: Shannan Gilbert 911 Tapes Will Not Be Made Public

Nov 20, 2020

A Suffolk County judge said the 911 tapes from the day Shannan Gilbert went missing near Gilgo Beach 10 years ago will not be made public.

Gilbert’s disappearance in 2010 led authorities to discover 11 sets of human remains along Ocean Parkway, including Gilbert’s body. Police believe she may have drowned in a marsh.

John Ray represents Gilbert’s family. He had won a court battle over access to the recordings of 911 calls made that night, including a 23-minute call made by Gilbert, and several other calls from nearby residents.

Ray has called the tapes “shocking” and inconsistent with police descriptions. But the judge says publicly releasing the tapes could harm ongoing homicide investigations led by Suffolk County police.

Ray scored a small victory: the judge will consider his request to allow specific people to hear the tapes, including Gilbert’s family members.