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East Hampton Airport Draws Complaints For Noise, Emissions

East Hampton Airport
Frank Eltman
East Hampton Airport

East Hampton residents are concerned about the release of carbon emissions to and from the town-run airport on eastern Long Island, and many are complaining of noise, as well.

An environmental report released this week shows the East Hampton Airport is responsible for 6% of the town’s carbon emissions. Additionally, tens of thousands of noise complaints came in against the airport during the summer of 2020.

Resident John Collins told the town board to do something about the environmental impacts of the airport.

“If East Hampton is really trying to go green, it’ll be really hard having an airport that pollutes all five East Hamptons and west of NYC with nonessential flights for the 1%,” Collins said.

The town declared a climate emergency in March pledging to put the impact on the environment first in its decision making.

More than 27,000 noise complaints were filed against the airport last summer. The data, revealed at an East Hampton Town Board meeting Tuesday, is part of the ongoing discussion about what to do with the airport.

Sag Harbor resident Jeff Kushing told the board that he is tired of the noise and wants the town to limit or even close the airport.

“No one wants this in their backyard. No one. You don’t want it, your constituents don’t want it and the people in the helicopters sure as hell don’t want it. This airport serves a select few while dumping on the rest of this community,” Kushing said.

Flights to and from East Hampton Airport have bothered residents for years. Officials said the pandemic heightened complaints about air traffic with people staying home during the pandemic.