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New Haven Police Change Dress Code Following 'Thin Blue Line' Complaints

New Haven Police Department

The New Haven, Connecticut, police department will revise its uniform policy, following criticism of officers displaying “Thin Blue Line” and “Blue Lives Matter” symbols.

Earlier this week, New Haven Police Chief Renee Dominguez called the “Thin Blue Line” flag a “sign of professional honor, not community disrespect” in an email.

Dominguez has ordered officers not to wear neck gaiters for masks and said the department will provide uniform-specific masks.

She did not specifically address the flag, but said that officers were wearing masks that did not comply with the city health department’s COVID-19 pandemic order to avoid spread of the coronavirus.

A half-dozen Black ministers from the Greater New Haven Clergy Association said the flag creates "fear and distrust" among the communities that police officers serve to protect.

Mayor Justin Elicker said the symbols already do not comply with dress code.

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