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Bill Clinton Unveils Laundromat Literacy Program On Long Island

Former President Bill Clinton was on Long Island this week to introduce a new program to install learning spaces for children at laundromats across the country.

The program, which is part of the Clinton Foundation’s early childhood education initiative, will create play spaces for children at laundromats with toys, books and other literacy resources to help young children’s language development.

Clinton was in Deer Park, Long Island, to unveil one of the centers.

“Every single day, thousands and thousands and thousands of Americans come here to do their laundry. Most of them have little kids. Before we started this, most of them had nothing to do when they got here so we decided to work with them and set up these play spaces and make them learning environments.”

During the visit, Clinton also commented on the agreement reached between President Trump and House Democrats on a new trade deal to replace NAFTA, the trade deal Clinton signed into law.

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, emerged in 2018 after President Trump instigated a series of tariffs on steel, aluminum and farm products among the three countries.

“That’s a very good thing because we’re 4% of the world’s people, we have 20% of the world’s income. We gotta do business with a lot of people, and our neighbors are our friends so that’s a good thing,” Clinton said.

The USMCA would replace Clinton’s NAFTA trade deal with additional protections for workers’ rights and new provisions for the technology sector.

Jay Shah is a former Long Island bureau chief at WSHU.