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New Flyover To Help Fix LaGuardia's 'Spaghetti Bowl' Of Roads

Office of N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo
LaGuardia Airport as seen on Tuesday, after Governor Cuomo announced the construction of the new flyover.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has unveiled a simple but major part of the LaGuardia Airport renovation.

Cuomo says the flyover from the eastbound Grand Central Parkway at Exit 7 is the first step to reduce the spaghetti-like interior roadways of the airport. The flyover will take cars from the parkway directly towards Delta’s terminals C and D.

He says the reconstruction will correct years of jerry-rigging at the airport.

“Why? Rather than do it right, just patch it. Just fix it. And you wound up with a spaghetti bowl of roads at LaGuardia, all different terminals. You needed an interpreter to read the signs.”

Cuomo says it’s a tough job to build a new airport, while keeping the old one operational.

“It’s a very small site. It’s basically a postage stamp. You have to build it while you are operating it. It was already over-maxed. We are now seeing a record number of flights in the midst of the construction.”

A new Terminal B is planned to open in 2020, while the new Delta Terminal should be finished by 2021. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $8 billion.

Terry Sheridan is an award-winning audio journalist. As part of his duties as Senior Director of News and Education, he developed a unique and award-winning internship program with the Stony Brook University School of Communications and Journalism, where he is also a lecturer and adjunct professor. He also mentors graduate fellows from the Sacred Heart University Graduate School of Communication, Media, and the Arts.