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New York To Spend $10 Million On Clam, Oyster Restoration On Long Island

Courtesy of Pixabay

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a $10.4 million investment to restore Long Island’s shellfish stocks.

Cuomo’s plan would seed 179 million clams and oysters in five sanctuaries on both the North and South Shores.

He says the sanctuaries are a joint venture between the State, the Cornell Cooperative, and Stony Brook University.

“We’ve done a lot of research to determine how to restore the clam and oyster population, and how to restore it in a way in which they survive and they flourish, and we know what works and we know what doesn’t work.”

Cuomo says Long Island’s polluted waters have led to a decline in shellfish population.

The shellfish will also filter and purify the water.