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Kasich Stumps In Glastonbury Ahead Of Tuesday's Primary

Jessica Hill

Ohio Governor John Kasich was in Connecticut again Friday, trying to reassure his supporters that he still has a chance to win the presidential nomination at the Republican convention in Cleveland.

Kasich told a packed crowd in the Glastonbury High School gymnasium that the delegate numbers will still add up for him even if he doesn’t win in Connecticut but that a good showing in Connecticut would make him more appealing to delegates in Cleveland.

He said, “So what can you do for me? Make sure that you get out and vote and allow me to win delegates in the district in which you live, so I can go to the convention in a strong position.”

Kasich is polling in second place at 28 percent in the Connecticut Republican primary, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll. Front-runner Donald Trump has 48 percent. But Kasich has the support of some Republican lawmakers in Connecticut, who feel he’s a more electable candidate for the general election in the fall.

Kasich is one of four presidential candidates in Connecticut over the next several days ahead of the state’s primary on April 26.

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