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Bay Street Theatre’s fall season empowers womxn

Julia Scotti

Ten years ago, Julia Scotti returned to comedy after a decade-long absence.

At age 48, Julia transitioned from identifying as Rick Scotti, who opened for bands like Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons and Chicago, before taking a break from comedy in 2000 to undergo gender-confirmation surgery.

She made her comeback on America’s Got Talent a decade later.

This Saturday, Scotti is coming to Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor.

“I just hope that they have a good time. Comedy is just about having fun, you know. I am there to make them laugh and I love my job," Scotti said. “Their job is to laugh and I hope they do their job. I know they will.”

Opening for Scotti, is comedian Anita Wise, with a mix of monologue and improvisation. She will also perform material from her latest album, Primal Cuts.

In 2021, Scotti was the subject or an award-winning documentary about her journey called Julia Scotti: Funny That Way, produced by Susan Sandler. “It was interesting. Susan was very careful about intruding in my private life. It was weird at first then you get used to it. I’m dying of a heart condition here and I’m in the hospital and they send a film crew there. They got some great stuff and it’s a very good documentary.”

She’s excited to perform at Bay Street at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 22. “You can feel the ghosts in the theater. There’s just something about working in the theater that lifts me up and I know Anita feels it, too. It’s our preference,” Scotti said.

Janet is a former news intern at WSHU.