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Ganim Sworn In As Bridgeport Mayor

Davis Dunavin

Former Bridgeport, Connecticut mayor and convicted felon Joe Ganim is back in his old job. Ganim was sworn in at a ceremony in Bridgeport Tuesday night.

At his inauguration, Ganim said he’d sought redemption from voters for what he called his mistakes.

“I’ve learned that in America, if you’re true to a cause, work hard, and are not afraid to ask for a second chance, you can find that moment of redemption,” he said.

Ganim said his first goals as mayor will be to lower taxes, increase police presence and improve education in Bridgeport. He also said he wanted to improve Bridgeport’s economy.

“Bridgeport, our great city, needs to be a city of good jobs and good wages," he said. "Bridgeport needs to be a city where every child can attain a 21st-century education.”

Ganim served as mayor of Bridgeport from 1991 to 2003. That's when he was convicted on 16 counts of corruption. He spent 7 years in jail.

In one of his first acts as mayor, Ganim appointed a new director of governmental accountability — one of the FBI agents who helped put him in jail.

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