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Lena Raine's Musical Rainbow Blends With 'Chicory: A Colorful Tale'

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In a universe where Wielders paint their worlds to keep them colorful, Picnic Province has suddenly become black and white and Chicory, its Wielder, has vanished! Her housekeeper picks up Chicory's world-painting brush and decides to go on a quest to find her. That's how the adventure, Chicory: A Colorful Tale begins.

Soundtrack composer Lena Raine says she was all in as soon as the devleoper, Greg Lobenov, showed her the very earliest ideas for a game which was not more than a dog who paints.

Although the premise of Chicory: A Colorful Tale seems simple, the game explores some deeper issues, such as imposter syndrome and the mixed feelings about assuming a role you might not feel ready to take on. Lena says writing the music for the bosses who confront the player with these challenges was a chance to work with a different musical style than the rest of the game.


Lena says she's grateful to Greg and the tiny team who made Chicory for letting her explore the kind of music she's always wanted to compose.

Episode tracklist:

all tracks composed by Lena Raine, performed by Kristin Naigus, flutes and winds, Michaela Nachtigall, violin and viola, SungHa Hong, cello, Stemage, guitar, Kevin Ragone, drums, Carlos "Insaneintherain" Eiene, sax and Emi Evans, vocals, and Lena

Chicory: A Colorful Tale: Blank Canvas; Supper Woods; Sips River; The Town of Luncheon; Appie Foothills, A Colorful Tale; Eyes in the Darkness; Do the Impossible; Grub Deep; Dinners: The Big City

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