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Mark Benis' Music Amplifies The Mystery In 'Lamplight City'


New Bretagne, the setting for the Victorian detective adventure Lamplight City, has menace and mystery lurking around every corner. Composer Mark Benis says it's that atmosphere and the divese characters, including Detective Miles Fordham, that provided the inspiration for his subtle soundtrack.

Mark says one of aspects that made it so interesting to write the music for Lamplight City was the goal of the developer, Grundislav Games, to create a diverse, living world with believable characters that span a broad range of social and economic backgrounds.


When he was first thinking about a career in the game industry, Mark says he was only focused on composing, but since working with Lamplight City's creator, Francisco Gonzalez, he's been encouraged to explore other aspects of  game developemnt, including writing and desiging, as he's working The Worst Grim Reaper with Moon Moon Moon Studio!

Episode tracklist

All tracks by Mark Benis

Lamplight CityLamplight City; The Worcester Waltz; Partners for Life; Addy's Theme; St. Roche's Dog is Barking; St Denis Cathedral; Gascogne Gutters; A Night in the Chum; The Stakeout; Rachmaninoff Prelude Op. 23/5 (orch. by Mark Benis) Crimson Cat Rag; Down Among the Dead Men (feat. Folklore Guild); The Spectre Society; Riding the Dragon; Slums of Cholmondeley

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