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There's No Boundary Between Bright and Dark In Destiny 2: Beyond Light's Soundtrack

Bungie, Game Pressure

In Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Guardians must leave their powers of light behind as they discover there's a dark side that can work to defeat humanity's newest enemy, Eremis. She and her champions are on a mission to use the power of the Darkness to save her people and take revenge on The Traveller on Earth.  Composers Mike Salvatori, Skye Lewin, Josh Mosser and Michael Sechrist say the shift in tone for the music from light to dark was a fascinating creative challenge.

Since Destiny 2: Beyond Light was released there's been another chapter in the story: Season of the Splicer. The Vex, a long time enemy, have invaded the Last City and created a never-ending darkness. The season gives Guardians a chance to experience reality as the Vex percieve it. The music for this Season reflects the cyber world of the Vex, and Mike, Skye, Josh and Michael created an amazing synth-based score.


Bungie released Destiny in 2014, and it's taken players on an emotional journey to far-flung locations across our solar system. Every year Mike, Skye, Josh, Michael and the rest of the music team are responsible for composing a huge amount of unique music. Many things keep it fun, but as Mike Salvatori says, "I don't think I've written my best work yet!"

Episode tracklist:

Destiny 2: Beyond Light:

Perseverance (Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, Josh Mosser, Michael Sechrist)

Beyond Light (Lewin, Salvatori)

Buried Secrets (Mosser, Lewin, Salvatori)

Frigid Tomb (Sechrist, Lewin, Salvatori)

Forbidden Knowledge (Mosser, Salvatori, Lewin)

Deep Stone Lullaby (Sechrist, Lewin, Salvatori)

Wastland (Sechrist, Lewin, Salvatori)

Europa (Lewin, Salvatori)

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Season of the Splicer: System Collapse (Rotem Moav, Lewin, Mosser, Salvatori, Sechrist)

Destiny 2: Beyond Light:

Look Within (Lewin, Salvatori)

Reflection (Lewin, Salvatori)

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