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Composer Adam Fligsten Creates A Total Audio Experience


Composer Adam Fligsten has been writing music for media for years. He's discovered that his heart really lies with composing for games. Recently he created a unique audio design studio as well, Silen Audio, so studios have an integrated music and audio experience for their games.

Adam said the past year was challenging because he's used to composing as a collaborative process. As an experiment, he created an album inspired by the classic music of Super Metroid, an iconic game from the early 1990s, as a Twitch live stream. Adam used only free software and incorporated lots of the suggestions that viewers made while experienceing music being created live. The result is his recently-released album Ceres Station.


The concept of creating audio as well as music for games grew out of Adam's love of great audio design, and he's hoping to collaborate with both large and small studios.

Episode tracklist:

all tracks composed and performed by Adam Fligsten

Ceres Station: Morida Rocks Underwater; Theme of Super Metroid; Mini Boss Confrontation

We Will Open the Distant Worlds: So Far Away; Distant Worlds (Main Theme)

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