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Petri Alanko Finds Music In An Espresso Machine And Screeching Brakes For 'Control'


As soon as composer Petri Alanko heard about Remedy Entertainment's paranormal thriller, Control, he knew he had to write the music for it! Petri was intrigued by the story of a seemingly-normal woman, Jesse Faden, who arrives at the well-hidden Federal Bureau of Control, looking for answers to her brother's disappearence. All is not as it seems, and Petri created a soundtrack that also isn't what it seems, including samples of his espresso machine and a friend's screeching brakes.   

Petri says Jesse's transformation from an ordinary person to someone who finally embraces her extraordinary paranormal powers to defeat the insidious monster that has taken control of the Bureau gave him plenty of material to craft his music, including a main theme that ends in a (slightly) hopeful way.


The soundtrack is a collaboration between Petri and Martin Stig Andersen, and Petri says they were both on the same wavelength when it came to creating a deeply atmospheric score that gives a personality to the unsettling building that houses the Federal Bureau of Control, as well as the ominous threat of the enemy within. 

Episode tracklist

All tracks written and performed by Petri Alanko

Control: Finis Est Principium Alterius; Voces Ignotas; Metamorphosis; Nihil Est Simplex; Soror Et Frater; Et Ratio Principalis; Portam Ad Inferno; Sanarkin Tango (lyrics by Sam Lake, feat. Martti Suosalo, vocals) 

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