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Mythology And Cyber Punks Collide In John Robert Matz's Soundtrack For 'Mythgard'

bonusstage.co.uk and Rhino Games

Mythgard, created by Rhino Games, imagines a world where Greek and Norse mythological characters collide in a gritty cyber-punk environment centuries in the future. For soundtrack composer John Robert Matz, the game offered the perfect combination of fantasy-ispired music combined with a wash of retro synth sounds.

Mythgard tells the story of Percy, who's bored with spending eons in the Underworld, so she decides to venture to the surface only to discover that the human world isn't how she left it at all. There are warring factions, and many of the old gods haven't been seen in millenia.


John Robert says the combination of the ancient gods' heroism, combined with the world of the future gave him lots of material to work with, and writing the soundtrack was a great oppportunity to stretch his creative muscles. The soundtrack is available on John Robert's Bandcamp.

Mythgard soundtrack cover art

Episode tracklist:

all tracks composed and performed by John Robert Matz, except where noted

Mythgard: The Surface World/Back Alley Bloodsucker; Precocious Pup; Main Theme; Call for Warriors/The Oracle at Delphi; Parsa's Angel; Ingrid's Negotiations; Percy in the Underworld; Nightfall in Mythgard; Mythgard Ascendent (feat. Robby Duguay, guitar); Ingrid Rides Forth

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