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Darren Korb's Metal-Inspired Soundtrack For 'Hades'

Super Giant Games

It seems the developers at Super Giant Games never run out of ideas! As soon as they finished up their game Pyre three years ago, they immediately began work on Hades, which follows the hero Zagreus as he attempts to escape the Greek Underworld to be reunited with his mother, Persephone. Soundtrack composer Darren Korb says he assembled a collection of traditional instruments, including a Greek bouzouki, but since the game takes place in Hell, it had to have full-on metal guitars!

One by one, Zagreus meets iconic characters from Greek mythology, including Poseidon and Aphrodite, whom he needs to defeat on his quest to reach the surface. Darren says it was a fun challenge to give each boss their own musical identity, and often he wrote the music for their battles from the end and worked backwards.


Far and away the highlight of working on this soundtrack was the opportunity to record some of the music at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. Darren says it was an incredible experience to be in the same studio where the Beatles recorded their albums. 

Darren's soundtrack is available on Bandcamp.

Episode tracklist:

All tracks composed and performed by Darren Korb with Ashley Barrett, vocals

Hades:  No Escape; Wretched Shades; Out of Tartarus; The King and the Bull; From Olympus; In the Blood; Good Riddance; Lament of Orpheus

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