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Steve Pardo Composes A World Of Music For 'Signs Of The Sojourner'

Echo Dog games

Signs of the Sojourner, created by Echo Dog Games, is all about building relationships, making connections and exploring the wider world. As the main character, you are tasked with restocking your late mother's store in the quiet town of Bartow. Composer Steve Pardow of Skewsound says this was a dream project to work on. He created an intimate folksy sound, giving each intriguing town you visit its own character.

The simple gameplay of Signs of the Sojourner is unique: it's up to the player to choose cards that appear in your "hand" from a deck, which keep the conversation going (or not). Just as in real life, sometimes the interactions don't go the way you hope. Steve says because of the leisurely pace and thoughful nature of the game, a hand-crafted sound would be the best fit, so he invited some of his Nashville area friends to perform, in some cases improvising their way through his music.


For Steve, the best part of working on Signs of the Sojourner was being able to make music with friends, as if he was able to make exactly the kind of album he would have made for fun, and he's grateful to the developers at Echo Dog who entrusted him and the team at Skewsound to create a unique sound for their game. The soundtrack is avaliable on Skewsound's Bandcamp.

Episode tracklist:

all tracks composed by Steve Pardo and Skewsound. Performed by Steve with

Mike Baggetta - Electric Guitar Effects
Amy Pardo - Flute 
Liz Estes- Violin
Jeremiah Barcus - Cello 
Jon Estes - Upright Bass , Pedal Steel 
Jonathan Wires - Upright Bass 
Philip Patti - Percussion 

Signs of the Sojourner: Clifton; Rimina; Main Theme; Aldhurst; Old Marae; Anka; Hara; Bartow

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