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Kenny Wood And Igor Nemirovsky's Music Goes Large In 'Amoeba Battle'

Grab Games

Amoeba Battle, a real time strategy game, gives teams of players a chance to save the world, defeating one virus at a time. Composers Kenny Wood and Igor Nemirovsky were encouraged by developer Grab Games to create music that gives an epic scale to the microscopic world the amoebas inhabit.

Players in Amoeba Battle can explore different worlds, and adapt their army of amoebas to the different enemies they encounter. Kenny and Igor say the developers at Grab Games provided lots of inspiration for the various enviroments. 


Amoeba Battle has been in development since 2011, and both Kenny and Igor say it's been a great experience to revisit the music they wrote all those years ago and adapt it to the finished game. They're planning to release a soundtrack in the near future as well.

Episode tracklist: 

All tracks performed by Kenny Wood and Igor Nemirovsky

Amoeba Battle: 

Kenny Wood: Battle 2 

Igor Nemirovsky: Obsidian Peak

Kenny Wood: Final Battle

Igor Nemirovsky: Mushroom Kingdon; Primorial Sea

Kenny Wood: Battle 2 Final Battle; Amoeba Battle Theme (2020)

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