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Chilling Out With Alessandro Coronas And His Laidback 'Mutazione' Soundtrack

Die Gute Fabrik

Mutazione, a quirky game created by the studio Die Gute Fabrik, has one of the most laidback soundtracks ever. From his very relaxed studio on Sardinia, Alessandro Coronas created a wonderful mix of low-fi, accoustic and synth sounds to accompany young Kai on her voyage to save her grandfather on a very unusual island.

Mutazione has been in development for ten years! Alessandro says the initial concepts remained from the beginning. They included the magical seeds the player can select for their various healing properties and musical sounds. That allows you to create your own soundtrack, too. 


Alessandro is also the sound designer for the game, so he was able to grow the music out of the sounds of the game world. He says working with the small team of Die Gute Fabrik, and especially artist Nils Deneken, was a wonderful experience because of the freedom and synergy they all had.

The four-hour soundtrack, which includes extended suites adapted from the musical cues, is available through Bandcamp

Episode tracklist:

All tracks composed and performed by Alessandro Coronas, with additional artists as noted

Mutazione: Day 6 Suite; Karoo; At Dawn; Main Title (feat. Claudio Corona and Louise Dodds); Gathering Together; Riot Girls 1-2; At Night; The Trip

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