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Mikolai Stroinski's Light-As-Air Soundtrack For 'Bee Simulator'


Writing lyrical music for the charming Bee Simulator has been a wonderful change of pace for Mikolai Stroinsky, whose game soundtrack credits also include The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, and Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. Developed by Varsav Studios in Poland, and inspired by a children's story, Bee Simulator takes us into the tiny, busy world of bees and illustrates their daily struggles against the environment and predators.  

Mikolai says he crafted his soundtrack with joy, even when he was writing cues for scenes with hornets, which he hates with a passion!

The game's setting in a fictional New York City's Central Park provided Mikolai with lots of inspiration. He says seeing those skyscrapers around the park instantly reminded him of the city's vibrant jazz scene.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSEQIvAgH9o">  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSEQIvAgH9o

Bee Simulator's creator, Lukasz Rosinski, intends it to be played by kids and their parents. Mikolai treats his young audience with respect by writing sophisticated music that can be enjoyed just as much away from the game. The soundtrack is available digitally from many outlets including Bandcamp.

Credit Materia Collective

Episode tracklist: 

All tracks by Mikolai Stroinski, performed by the Game Addict Orchestra, conducted by Przemyslaw Marcyniak and Mateusz Alberski

Bee Simulator: Let Us Begin; Right Above the Honey Park; Palmhouse; Let's Get Some Pollen; Bee Bee Dance; When Winter Pays a Visit; New Solutions Arise; Webbed; Stings About to Happen; House of Busy Bees

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