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Bob And Barn's Fresh Music For 'MediEvil' Re-Release


The darkly funny MediEvilgame series was one of the most beloved of the late 1990s. The game's story follows a hapless hero, Sir Dan Fortescue, as he battles an evil sorcerer, Zarok, for control of the kingdom of Gallowmere. Twenty years later, Sony has dusted off the classic with new graphics and updated gameplay, and music from the original soundtrack composers, Paul Arnold and Andrew Barnabas, known as Bob and Barn. They freshened up the original music they composed for MediEvil, and added some new tracks to take advantage of all the developements in game music since the game was released.

Because players have such strong feelings about the music they remember hearing in a game, Bob and Barn were careful not to stray too far from the original sound of their music. They described the end result of their music for the new version as "the same, only better!"


Episode tracklist:

All tracks by Bob and Barn

MediEvil: A New Lease on Life; A Grave Situation; The Sorcerer Returns; Saviour of the Day; The Prodigal Skeleton Returns; Badly Decomposed Brain; Make No Bones About It; Carpal Tunnels; Dan's Dream

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