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Tom Salta's Perfect Throwback '80s Music For 'Wolfenstein: Youngblood'

Machine Games, Bethesda Softworks

The first time Tom Salta heard a synthesizer in the early 1980s he was hooked on the sound, so composing music for Wolfenstein: Youngblood by Machine Games was a dream project with a chance to recreate that vibe. Tom only used sounds and samples that were available in the 1980s to to create a pitch-perfect accompaniment to a story that follows the twin daughters of William Blazkowicz as they try to find out how he disappeared.  

Tom's been collecting keyboards and equipment since he was a teenager, and he used some of them in the soundtrack, but he also found modern sample libraries that perfectly reproduced that vintage sound, and he told me that was easier because some of his original equiment was on par with old cars and kind of cranky to use!

In addition to writing the music for Wolfenstein: Youngblood with Stig Martin Andersen, Tom also contributed to a VR addition to the game: Cyber Pilot, in which he used panning techniques with the music to accompany the virtual world. 

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Top Dollar PR
Tom Salta

Episode tracklist

Tom Salta: Wolfenstein: Youngblood: It's Do or Die, Sis; Paris, 1980; Enter the Siegturm

Joy Division: Means to an End Produced by Tom Salta (feat. The Guilt)

Tom Salta: Wolfenstein: Cyperpilot

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