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Tim Shiel's Atmospheric, Ambient Music For 'The Gardens Between'


On its surface, The Gardens Between created by The Voxel Agents is a simple puzzle game. But as you follow two childhood friends, Arina and Frendt, on their explorations, you realize that you're helping them relive important memories. Composer Tim Shiel created a beautiful ambient soundtrack that perfectly fits the game's esthetic. As he told me, he wanted the music to sound as if it was part of the memory.

Tim says he was given the luxury of time to develop the soundtrack because The Gardens Between was in development for several years. This let him experiment with sounds and music, and improvise on melodies musician friends had recorded for him.">

Tim says he wrote so much music for The Gardens Between that there's enough to fill two albums! The first is available for pre-order on Tim's Bandcamp page and he says there's been talk of releasing a vinyl version as well.

In addition to composing, Tim also hosts two music shows on Austrailia's Triple J and Double J, and has a record label.  

Episode tracklist

All tracks by Tim Shiel from the forthcoming album Growing Pains, adapted from The Gardens Between soundtrack

Spirit Home; Don't Forget This Time; Calm Before; 1994 World; Golden Satin; Between Ends; Are You The Same; Where Will We Go

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