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Michael Gordon Shapiro's Music Spans The Globe In 'Empires Apart'


Empires Apart by DESTINYbit Studios is a tribute to those old-school Medieval Real Time Strategy games, in which you create an army and manage your resources to emerge victorious battle after battle. It turns out composer Michael Gordon Shapiro loves those old-time RTS's, and, as he told me, he was thrilled when he got the invitation to write the soundtrack for Empires Apart!

There are six different cultures represented in Empires Apart: Medieval French, Aztec, Byzantine, Chinese, Mongol, and Arab. Creating music based on the iconic sound of each of them was a satisfying challenge for Mike.

Credit empiresapart.net

Mike's lush, creative orchestration is entirely made from samples, and in our conversation, he's got some really great suggestions for making the samples sound as much like a live recording session as possible.

Episode tracklist

All tracks composed by Michael Gordon Shapiro

Empires Apart: Birth of Empires; French Intro; Crashing Red Tide; Mongol Intro; Spires of Constantinople; Warriors of Tenochtitlan; Dissent and Steel; Rise of the Middle Kingdom; From Fields to Town; The Legacy of Tomorrow

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