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Erik Desiderio: Zooming Through Space In 'Anshar Online'

Anshar Online, developed by Ozwe Studios, was one of the most popular games exhibited at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It combines a campaign to avenge the untimely death of a friend, with thrilling virtual reality flight. Composer Erik Desiderio told me it was fantastic to see so many players finally getting a chance to hear the music he wrote for the game.

Erik said his inspiration for the soundtack came from many sources, but the main DNA is from soundtracks for science fiction classics including Blade Runner.


Getting a career as a game music composer can be tough, and Erik has some great suggestions, including offering your skills as a composer at Game Jam weekends around the country.

Episode tracklist

All tracks by Erik Desiderio

Anshar Online: Asteroid Field; Nebula Encounter; Space Race; Judgement City; Remember Rush Steel; Consciousness Dissolved; The Hangar; Omnia Prime; Brand New Ship; For Victory!

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