Stony Brook University

Erica Capuana / New York State Department of Environmental Conservation via AP

A massive collection of fish specimens and water quality data from the Hudson River was donated to Stony Brook University. Experts say the collection, which spans 44 years, will show how an ecosystem changes over time.

James Watt / Institute for Ocean Conservation Science

A team of marine scientists are on a mission to preserve biodiversity in oceans around the world. To do it, they need accurate maps that will help them identify areas in need of protection. There are several ongoing projects to create these maps. But they’re led by different groups, using different methods that can produce conflicting results.  

Jay Shah / WSHU

Stony Brook University unveiled new computer servers this week that will help process information through artificial intelligence and imaging to create the next generation of technology.

Marcino from Pixabay

Researchers at Stony Brook University hope to find new ways to treat depression among teenagers – using a computer or smartphone. 

Courtesy of Pixabay

A Stony Brook University professor has been indicted after federal investigators say he stole more than $200,000 in cancer research funds.