Lamont Touts Growth Of Hemp Farming In Connecticut

Sep 5, 2019
Brian Scott-Smith

Governor Ned Lamont visited Connecticut’s first hemp farm and research center in Ledyard on Thursday to give an update on the hemp farming industry.

Eric Risberg / AP

New York State could be among the first in the nation to regulate the hemp industry. That includes CBD, a chemical from the cannabis family. CBD doesn’t get you high, but it can be found now in oils, candies, drinks and lotions that promise “relaxation.”

Davis Dunavin / WSHU

Steve Jarmok walks around a clapboard white farmhouse in Enfield, Connecticut, where he grew up. Just past the green lawn, rows of greenhouses hold seedling tobacco plants. Farmers have grown tobacco in this region north of Hartford since before Europeans arrived. Steve’s family has grown tobacco here for three generations.

Eric Risberg / AP

A bill currently before Governor Andrew Cuomo would regulate the sale of CBD products in New York State, and set up new rules for the state’s growing hemp industry. Cuomo has not yet decided whether he’s going to sign it, potentially leaving what is now a legal gray area in limbo.

P. Solomon Banda / AP

About 200 people — many of them farmers — met in Vernon, Connecticut, Wednesday night to learn how to grow hemp.