Gordy Haab's Iconic Theme For A New Star Wars Heroine

Feb 15, 2018

A battle in Star Wars Battlefront II

With several earlier Star Wars games under his belt, composer Gordy Haab was ready to take on a new challenge: creating an iconic theme for the new character of Iden Versio, who has an incredible story arc in Star Wars Battlefront II. In our conversation, Gordy shared an exclusive cue of battle music that's never heard in the game!

Writing music for a new character was Gordy's opportunity to add to the Star Wars canon, and he found ways to extend and modify Iden Versio's 20-second theme so it's present in over 40 minutes of in-game music. He told me that he knows he's got a great theme when he can't get it out of his head, even after several days!

Episode tracklist

Gordy Haab: Star Wars Battlefront II: Iden Versio's Theme; Battle Suite (unreleased track)

Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices

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