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Matthew Carl Earl's Music Gets Arena Of Valor Players Stoked For Battle


Matthew Carl Earl's music for Honor of Kings, created by China's Tencent Studios, has been heard by tens of millions of players. A North American version of the game, Arena of Valor, launched in December 2017. In our conversation, Matthew said writing music for Tencent's  games is a dream come true because he gets to write music for games he'd love to play!">

The Chinese version of the game features iconic Asian characters. Matthew told me as he was scrolling through the new characters for the North American edition he got a surprise: "Wow! It's Wonder Woman!"

Matthew's musical interests are incredible varied; he even taught himself the art of Tuvan throat singing, which he's been able to use in the soundtrack for Iron Knight.

As the owner and Lead Composer of Hexany Audio, Matthew's career is becoming very well established.  His advice to anyone who's thinking of a career in game music? "Expect that call to come at any moment, so have your portfolio ready!"

Episode tracklist

All tracks by Matthew Carl Earl/Hexany Audio

King of Chaos: Marching Through Cold

Moonlight Blade: Port Town

Honor of Kings: Second Anniversary Theme

I Am Acquainted with the Night (text by Robert Frost)

Iron Knight: Zhao Yun

King of Chaos: Main Theme

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