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Connecticut Officials Wrangle Over Juvenile Crime

Courtesy of Pexels

Connecticut Republicans want state lawmakers to hold a special session on juvenile crime. This comes after a teen struck and killed a jogger while driving a stolen vehicle in New Britain last week.

New Britain police said the suspect was a repeat juvenile offender. Chief Christopher Chute said the juvenile justice system fails to hold kids accountable and allows them to reoffend.

“The current system did not set a path for these offenders tor rehabilitate and become law abiding adults; the current system did not find the root cause of these problems and correct them; the current system did not protect the public from their behavior; the current did the exact opposite,” Chute said.

New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart wants lawmakers to fix the failures of the state juvenile system.

Democrats have said a special session is unlikely. They want more research to determine if there is a spike in juvenile car theft. Governor Ned Lamont has committed $5 million dollars to study any trends and causes.

Leaders of the state Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Clare is a former news fellow with WSHU Public Radio.