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New Stony Brook Technology A Breakthrough In Machine Learning

Stony Brook University unveiled new computer servers this week that will help process information through artificial intelligence and imaging to create the next generation of technology.

The SMART (Strategic Machine-Learning Acceleration and Ray Tracing) Cluster is a collection of servers with the processing power of 20,000 iPhones.

Arie Kaufman, chief scientist of the research group working with the cluster, says the system can process large quantities of raw data to help machines learn or specialize in an area, like a human engineer or doctor.

“If you want to do computations related to smart diagnosis, smart manufacturing, smart cars, if you want autonomous cars, all of it is machine learning, AI.”

Kaufman says the computer can even help doctors identify signs of cancer through virtual 3-D colonoscopies.

Jay Shah is a former Long Island bureau chief at WSHU.