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Recordkeeping Of Absentee Ballots Questioned In Bridgeport Primary Lawsuit

M. Spencer Green

Recordkeeping at the Bridgeport Town Clerk’s office came into question in a lawsuit that seeks a do-over of the Democratic mayoral primary.

The lawsuit alleges widespread irregularities with absentee ballots. A three-to-one share of those ballots won the election for incumbent mayor Joe Ganim by 270 votes. 

John Shapiro, an attorney representing the plaintiffs, questioned Assistant Town Clerk Christina Resto about a report that tracks absentee ballots received by her office. Resto testified that the log is kept up-to-date through Election Day.

Shapiro asked why voter Nancy Figueroa-Rivera’s absentee ballot was counted since her name did not appear on a copy of the log emailed to a resident two days after the election. 

Resto says the log released right after the election may not have been the final version. That voter’s name showed up on a version provided for evidence in the lawsuit, days later. 

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