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Bridgeport Town Clerk Testifies In Mayoral Primary Ballot Suit

Danielle Wedderburn
Witnesses are testifying this week in the Bridgeport mayoral primary lawsuit, in the Superior Court of Bridgeport.

Bridgeport’s assistant town clerk took the stand on Wednesday in a lawsuit that seeks to overturn the result of the mayoral primary election, which she administered.

Christina Resto responded to testimony from a voter named Ruth Walter. Walter says an unknown man hand-delivered her a second absentee ballot and took her completed ballot.

Resto reviewed a copy of Walter’s ballot envelope that was mailed to her office and marked with a timestamp. 

“September 9, 2019, at 11:50. That’s our received for records stamp. That’s our stamp.”

Resto cross-referenced a serial number on Walter’s ballot envelope with a clerk’s absentee ballot log. She says the log confirms that the original ballot Walter had mailed was, in fact, counted. 

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit have to prove that several votes were not counted – or not cast for the candidate that the voter intended – in order to overturn election results. 

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