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Pedestrian Deaths On Long Island Among Highest In U.S.

Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Long Island is a danger zone for pedestrians. That’s according to a recent report that found three Long Island congressional districts to be among the highest in the country for pedestrian fatalities.

Two districts in eastern Long Island and one in Nassau are ranked among the nation’s top 100 congressional districts when it comes to pedestrian deaths from vehicle collisions. That’s according to data collected by the National Complete Streets Coalition.

Emiko Atherton, the group’s director, says changes can be made to create safer streets, and those changes are unique to each community.

“So in some places that might look like a larger street with large sidewalks and street trees, maybe a bus-only lane or a bike lane. But it could mean a well-marked, paved shoulder in a rural community.”

Her group pushes lawmakers to approve federal legislation that would take existing funds and award them to municipalities that adopt safer crosswalk and road standards.

The legislation is expected to be part of a larger transportation bill this year.

Jay Shah is a former Long Island bureau chief at WSHU.