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MAGA Hat Creates Flap At Suffolk County Community College

Alex Brandon

A groundskeeper at Suffolk County Community College was told by administration not to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat on campus.

Salvatore Esposito wore the MAGA hat at an open house event. The dean of the college’s Selden campus saw him and later told Esposito’s supervisor that the hat was not part of his uniform.

Esposito says the college’s policy violates his First Amendment rights.

College spokesperson Drew Biondo says the school works with the Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees to set the employee dress code.

“Safety is paramount to us. So this is the first time hats have ever come up as an issue. So now the union and the college will get together and determine what type of hat, if any, is needed for certain employees to properly do their job.”

Esposito was not disciplined for wearing the hat. The union says it supports its members’ rights to their political views.