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Jack Wall's Music Gives 'Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War' An '80s Cool

Treyarc.com and Wccftech

Composer Jack Wall says for him the most important quality of Call of Duty's Black Ops series is that it's cool, and you should feel cool playing it. Call of Duty Black Ops - Cold War, created by Treyarch  Studios is the fourth Black Ops game Jack has scored.  He used the game's setting in 1981 as the inspiration for a cool, tension-filled soundtrack. 

The game's story mission follows CIA officer Russell Adler and his small team of ops as they pursue an agent code-named Perseus, a suspected Soviet spy whose goal is to tilt the balance of world power toward the Soviet Union.  Jack says that he and the audio team decided it was essential to have a Russian-sounding chorus as an important part of the music.  It was a huge process to create a virtual chorus during the pandemic, with each singer recording themselves, and Jack and his team assembling the voices one by one. 

Credit Top Dollar PR
Top Dollar PR
Jack Wall

Jack says he loves working with Treyarch Studios on the Black Ops series because they're so committed to great storytelling and character development, and he's looking forward to his next opportunity to work with them. 

Episode Tracklist:

all tracks composed by Jack Wall

Call of Duty Black Ops-Cold War: Flying Assault; 1981; Cold War; Bell's Theme; Prisoner; Bell on the Inside; Turkey; Amsterdam; Ruang Lua Ba; Move to Extract; Rising Tide; Comrade

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