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Gordy Haab's 'Star Wars: Squadrons' Soundtrack Captures The Thrill Of Flight

EA Games

Star Wars: Squadrons, created by Motive Studios and published by Electronic Arts, gives players the  authentic thrill of piloting an Imperial or New Republic ship for missions that extend the story beyond the Battle of Endor. Composer Gordy Haab says he was thrilled to provide a high-octane soundtrack that let him reconnect with the excitementl of pretending he was piloting fighters as a kid.

Unlike many other games, the outcome of each battle can go to either the Imperial or New Republic side, so Gordy had to design the music so the game's engine could choose the right pieces to let a player know that it was time to fight harder or the other side would win. Gordy says because the music for Star Wars has lots of action and key changes, adding the element of music that represents both sides was a unique puzzle to make the result seem spontaneous.


Getting an orchestral soundtrack during the pandemic has created challenges that are new to composers.  Gordy had much of the music recorded before Ocean Way Studio in Nashville shut down. The rest of the cues were recorded with one musician at a time playing his or her part, which were painstakingly assembled by Gordy, along with  Olivier Asselin and Steve Schnur. For the first time with a Star Wars game, the full soundtrack was released with the game. 

Episode tracklist:

tracks composed by Gordy Haab, performed by a studio orchestra at Ocean Way Studio, Nashville

Star Wars: Squadrons: Dockyard; Main Theme

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