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The Videri String Quartet's Unique Contest For Our Pandemic Time


Many musicians have said that life as they knew it ended when the COVID-19 quaratines began. The Videri String Quartet has come up with a unique way to relfect these times. They're welcoming arrangements for string quartet of music from video games that relate in some way to a plague, post-apocalyptic times, or a disruption of everyday life in some way, with a competition they've titled Quarantets.

There's a generous prize for the winning arrangement, and royalties from the recording sales for every arrangement that's chosen to create a digital album that will be released this December. All the details are on the Videri's website.

Some of the games that focus on these themes are Days Gone, The Last of Us, Dark Souls and Deus Ex Human Revolution, just to name a few. Members of the quartet, violinist Matheus Souza, violist Rosie Samter, and cellist Jeremiah Barcus will be joined for this project by violinist Eli Bishop, one of the original members of the quartet. They're all looking forward to a variety of arrangements from games that explore not only the desolation of a post-apocalyptic world, but offer hope as well.

The Videri's most recent album, Bits and Bytes, is availble on Bandcamp.

Thanks to Dick Roberts for production assistance

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