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Marcin Przybylowicz: Making Music From Whatever You Can Scavenge

Seven The Days Long Gone is set on a post-apocalyptic prison island, where scavenging and stealth are the main ways to stay alive. As bleak as the game world is, composerMarcin Przybylowicz felt strongly that music should be an integral part of the experience because, as he says, "music is part of our humanity."

As he told me, his soundtrack is assembled from over 20 instruments, many of which were made specially so they would sound as though thy were assembled from what's left of the world.


In his search for unusual instruments, Marcin found instrument maker Pawel Romanczuk, who invited Marcin to his studio to check out his collection, which includes a Stroh violin from 1910, and some unusual homemade bowed instruments. Marcin said he felt like "a kid in a candy store!"


Not all the instruments are homemade; Marcin also worked with guitarist Krzysztof Lochowicz, who used  a gorgeous-sounding 12-string, a classic Gretch, and a Czech-made electric guitar from the 1970s. Marcin says that one was nearly indestructible!

In all, Marcin recorded more than 50 hours of sessions to build the library for the soundtrack.

Some of the instruments Marcin used in the Seven OST.

Episode tracklist

Seven, the Days Long Gone: All tracks by Marcin Przybylowicz except where noted.

Premonition; (Main Theme); Darkest of Kingdoms, Part 1; In the Middle of Nowhere; Letargia; Broken Shelter (by Jacek Paciorkowski); Sins of the Past; No Man's Land; Keepers (written and performed by Miracle of Sound)

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