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Bridgeport City Councilwoman advocates for tiny houses for the homeless

Tiny Houses Big Opposition
Elaine Thompson
Tiny homes could be the solution to all kinds of housing needs, offering warmth and security for the homeless, an affordable option for expensive big cities and simplicity for people who want to declutter their lives.

Bridgeport City Council Majority Leader Jeanette Herron is pushing for her city to tackle homelessness by partnering to build tiny homes.

After seeing how it’s being used to house homeless veterans during a recent National League of Cities Summit in Kansas City, Herron said she’s intrigued by the concept.

“I tried to see what each district is doing to try to help the homeless," Herron said. "If they have wrap around programs. If they have dormitory setting type homes for them — tiny homes. So, that was something that was very big for me."

Herron added that Bridgeport would not be able to build and operate such homes on its own. “A city should not be where we take on rentals or take on homes. It has to be a private partnership as well. And I think that’s what I got out of that.”

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The city would also need to partner with the state and federal governments.

The Tiny House Project is a national nonprofit corporation that builds emergency tiny house shelters for the homeless.

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